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Sam Beeton - In The Yard

Sam Beeton's new album 'In The Yard' is finished, and is now available for pre-order on iTunes, with an immediate song 'Moving Out' or on vinyl from Amazon.
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Posted: 23 February 2015

Just discovered Sam Beeton?

Just discovered Sam? Can we recommend the following:

1. Join his mailing list and receive a free song
2. Pre-Order new album 'In The Yard'
3. Watch and subscribe to all the videos on Youtube
4. Follow Sam on Twitter for all his latest tweets
..and check out his previous singles 'Storyteller' & 'Under the Fence' on iTunes 


Sam Beeton - Belong

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About Sam Beeton

Nottingham songwriter Sam Beeton has been writing and recording songs since he was just 15. His first single 'What You Look For' was Record of the Week for both Radio One's Jo Whiley and Scott Mills and he toured nationwide with James Morrison and The Script.
Sam has a monthly "Record Club", where subscribers can receive his latest songs on CD, every month. Each CD is personalised by Sam, which creates a strong connection between himself as the artist and the fans buying and listening to his music. More....

Sam's songs

Sam Beeton's Record Club

Sam Beeton's Record Club
One New Track a Month on CD
Sent to you directly by Sam

Cost for 1 year

Product Description:

Join Sam Beeton's Record Club, a new way to receive Sam's latest music. Every month Sam will send you a personalised CD with at least one song, maybe more! Season Two starts from April 2012. A subscription lasts for 12 months and you will receive at least 12 brand new never before heard songs.

You will be the first to hear Sam's songs as and when they have been recorded, rather than waiting for ages for an album to be released. Membership will also give you access to exclusive content on the website, from images and videos to exclusive news.

Sam will send his signed CD's worldwide.
The cost is £12 + Postage (£3 in the UK)

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