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2012 Review

The new year has ushered in an army of mice with requests strapped to their furry mammal backs.. What? I hear you ask. Well, events of the past year on which they wish to hear me reminisce. I tuck them into their swan vesta matchboxes, issue tiny feather pillows and settle them in. Then beginningly I begin to whisper (whisperingly) a tiny review of 1912, one hundred years on...

Things got off to a cold and yet interesting start at The Old Vinyl Factory, where my acoustic session included 'Jeckyll & the Man', 'Good Natured Child' and a Beatles track 'Things We Said Today'.

Sweet Luigi and I put together the Record Club Sessions double CD - all 22 tracks released during Season One just in time to go on tour.

I met so many of you in March playing across the UK with Charlie Simpson. First night of the tour was in Ipswich, and I recorded a video about it, followed by a show at London Koko and the aftershow madness.
The tour continued with some busking requests in Falmouth, and an interesting aftershow performance for Clean Slate Music. There was also a performance at Express FM, and an interview with Soundscape.
There's a clip of my soundcheck in Dundee here, and a backstage jam with tour buddies The People The Poet playing You Can Call Me Al as well.
A tour highlights video includes footage from Newcastle and backstage at BBC Glasgow.

Storyteller was released on iTunes and I performed it live on the BBC Review Show. I also recorded an acoustic version for Burberry, and an interview about it, and you can see the official video and 'making of' too.

Season Two of the Record Club began as soon as I finished the tour, and the first track was Call Me The Loner. I recorded a version in a ghostly factory.

The Glee Club show in May was a treat as I got to perform with a band and meet so many of you again. I also talked to the Nottingham Post and Left Lion, and they reviewed the show.

June saw Bust It Loose and a surreal performance in front of a fox and a secret soundcheck video.

August saw a trip to Boardmasters festival, and a chippy tea in Newquay. The fourth Record Club song was 'The Night' and there's an acoustic version here. I also performed on a cliff top.

September saw shows at Weyfest and Record Club 4 song Born at the End in church and the studio.

In October I sold out the Regal Rooms and we had a great show with the band again.

December saw Record Club song 5 and it full length video 'Red Green & Gold'. Its not too late to subscribe to the Record Club - I'll send you all this season's tracks, as well as a CD a month, well into 2013!

And with the tiny fuzzy meese all now drowsing, they breathe deeply, emitting microscopic zeds into the new year's skyline, that form the words New Hazpy Year. Stupid mice. 

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Posted: 03 January 2013

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