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What is the Record Club?

The Record Club is a new way of distributing music direct to fans. Each month Sam sends out a signed, personalised CD to subscribers of his Record Club. Sam is able to distribute the very latest songs that he has written and recorded.

Season Two of the Record Club started in May 2012. When you subscribe you receive the latest edition plus all the songs released in that season.

Here's the latest video for Season Two:

Season Two Volume 7:
1. The One I Love The Most

Season Two Volume 6:
1. Black Cab (Lamp Lights on)

Season Two Volume 5:
1. Red Green & Gold

Season Two Volume 4:
1. Born at the End

Season Two Volume 3:
1. The Night

Season Two Volume 2:
1. Bust It Loose

Season Two Volume 1:
1. Call Me The Loner
2. Something Out of Nothing

Sam sends the CD's worldwide, and you can see fans with their CD's in his Record Club gallery

Volume 12 Tracklisting:
1. Storyteller
2. Out of Line

Volume 11 Tracklisting:
1.Here in Silence
2. Jeckyl & the Man
3. Jeckyl & the Man studio video

Volume 10 Tracklisting:
1.Can You See The Lights
2. Waiting Game

Volume 9 Tracklisting:

1.Under The Fence
2. Truth

 Volume 8 Tracklisting:

1.Never Know Love
+ 2 postcards!

  Volume 7 Tracklisting:
1. Like I Should
2. Only In Dreams

 Volume 6 Tracklisting:
1. Lie Low Lie
2. No End In Sight

 Volume 5 Tracklisting:

1. This Lullaby
2. My Doll (live at the BBC) + My Doll Guitar Tab

 Volume 4 Tracklisting:

1. I Remember
2. She's Not In Love

Volume 3 featured the new studio version of 'My Doll' that was first heard on the Burberry Acoustic sessions.

Volume 3 Tracklisting:
1. My Doll
2. Brand New

Volume 2 Tracklisting:
1. Half As Awake
2. Sweet Luigi (new)
+ VIP ticket/pass

Sam also produces a 'making of' video to accompany each Volume. Here he explains the making of Volume 2 and the songs 'Half as Awake' and 'Sweet Luigi' Volume 2 also included a free VIP pass for his February London shows. 

Volume 1 featured the song 'Good Natured Child' and was released in Nov/Dec 2010. Sam also included an acoustic version of 'What You Look For', an alternate version of 'Rain Down on You' and his interview with BBC Nottingham.

Volume 1 Tracklisting:
1. Good Natured Child
2. What You Look For (Acoustic)
3. Rain Down on You (Alternate Version)
4. Sam Beeton BBC Interview & Performance

Sam Beeton's Record Club

Sam Beeton's Record Club
One New Track a Month on CD
Sent to you directly by Sam

Cost for 1 year

Product Description:

Join Sam Beeton's Record Club, a new way to receive Sam's latest music. Every month Sam will send you a personalised CD with at least one song, maybe more! Season Two starts from April 2012. A subscription lasts for 12 months and you will receive at least 12 brand new never before heard songs.

You will be the first to hear Sam's songs as and when they have been recorded, rather than waiting for ages for an album to be released. Membership will also give you access to exclusive content on the website, from images and videos to exclusive news.

Sam will send his signed CD's worldwide.
The cost is £12 + Postage (£3 in the UK)

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